CDK Editor

Chris K Leslie
Does anyone else hate the CDK Web editor as much as I do? Talk about a clunky piece of crap. I would rather build a site using WIX. Which isn't saying much.
Skutch Henks
Haha WiX, that cracks me up! Seriously though to be fair CDK (cobalt) wysiwyg was the shiznit back in '03.
Jason Stum
GeoCities > CDK Ok maybe that's not quite true. But to your point Chris, I don't think these backend tools are often built with people like us in mind.
Lauren Moses
Definitely not built for the more savvy people in mind that like to manage it on their own.
James Altemus
We dumped Cobalt/CDK as our website provider when we had the chance and we haven't looked back.
Chris K Leslie
We have a few other sites too. But, I still have to maintain our CDK sites. I literally cringe every time I have to go do work in their editor. The image libraries are impossible. The whole auto-saving after any little tiny move is a nightmare. The lack of customization options is BS. My definition of a widget and their definition of a widget are vastly different too. I'm so tired of everything being built with kid gloves because some people out there still don't think the internet exists or something. Alright, alright i'll step off my soap box now.

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