CDK lets you pay to have a blog now. Aint that fancy...

Chris K Leslie
I can't imagine why anyone would pay to have the ability to host a blog on their site that they already pay for. These are the reasons that in my opinion are the complete downfall of CDK. Don't they understand that these things are free on the internet and its in their best interest to develop their platform for the betterment of their customers and not try to squeeze every nickel they can. Viva La Wordpress.
Big Tom LaPointe
hey, it DOES come with a best practices guide - that alone should be worth it LOL. they're offering chat services now, too. what's next, factory BDC? ANY dealer website should include a blog and video capability...
Jason Stum
They definitely missed the boat on this one. Paying extra to host a blog? Yikes WordPress = Free Tumblr = Free Blogger = Free To echo @Chris, charging more $$$ for basic functionality on a website you're already paying for doesn't make any sense at all.
Lauren Moses
Oh this is something that I have been speaking with my GM and owner about alot. We actually had a meeting with our GM rep and they brought the website rep for our district (which covers several states). It was interesting. I did get some good insights from them. However, the chat function mentioned earlier is only available to dealers who are on the performance package. I like, yet dislike, the chat function. It will be nice in a way to not have to answer the everyday questions like what packages have what equipment in them, etc. However, it's also just another way for GM to get into the dealerships business. As for the blog, totally agree. Work smarter and do it for the better of your customers so they will WANT to do more with you because you provide good, reliable, and products that actually work. Not just them trying to monopolize all of the dealerships digital marketing.
mark rask
What are they thinking? They are up charging for so many things

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