CDK Next Gen

Chris K Leslie

Anyone else totally disappointed with the Next Gen back end? Its a total dumpster fire.


Ricky Patrick

Wow, it is tough to work with. I feel like I'm beginning to figure out some of it (at least how to add the hero images) but nothing is intuitive. 

Chris K Leslie

Its so ass backwards I just about threw my computer. 

Mark Rask

i completely agree with you chris

Max Steckler

Hey Chris,

Sorry to hear about your frustrations with site editor. We'll give you a call to better understand your issues. We know that there’s a learning curve associated with a totally new site editing experience, and we're committed to helping everyone leverage the new system.

We worked hard to build a site that would be a better experience for your customers and allow you to better reach your dealership's goals through responsive design, better SEO and more. We’re committed to both getting dealers trained on how to leverage its powerful capabilities and evolving the user interface to optimize for day-to-day tasks. We'll also regularly release updates to the user interface and roll out ongoing training and support.

Feedback from dealers like you is key to how we prioritize new features and functionality, so we welcome your constructive feedback. We’d also love to walk you through the backend experience at your convenience.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you’d like to discuss further.

Chris K Leslie

I seem to manage various content related sites like Wordpress, Tumblr, Drupal, Medium, squarespace with zero issues or learning curve. 

Why build a product with a learning curve like that? Seems like we are working backwards here dont ya think? 

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