Centralized Internet Marketing Department

Emily Lorencz
We have 3 stores, all within 30 miles of each other. 2 Domestic, 1 import. Currently we have a different person handling their online/internet marketing for each of the stores. Does anyone have a success story of a centralized internet marketing department? What are the pro's, con's and duties of a department like this? Also, what is the pay plan for the manager and others that work in the department. Hourly or salary?
Philip Zelinger
Technology and the associated increased efficiencies in sales and service processes have always been limited by the people who use them - or more accurately defined, who don't use them! Internet departments are by definition a direct result of technology. The Internet and the technology that has been developed around it created the ability for customers to access information online before visiting a dealership and the auto industry -along with the rest of the world - has changed as a result. The historical break down in developing centralized Internet departments can be sourced to the "disconnect" between the PEOPLE, products and processes of the individual stores remotely linked to the Internet department or BDC. Current technology and improved processes have overcome that lack of continuity and communication with direct access to each store's CRM and DMS and the enhanced information posted on the individual dealer's websites that can be resourced in real time in a "push/pull" manner
Matt Watson
We have the perfect and probably best solution available for a centralized internet or BDC department. From our ILM/CRM system you can very easily work leads for different stores from one screen in our system. We have some of the largest dealer groups in the country using the system every day with great success. http://www.vinsolutions.com/crm.aspx
Stan Sher
I was always a fan of a separate department in each store. The reason for this is because a customer can come in and ask for you. The BDC rep that brought them in can personally come out and meet the customer and then pass them over to the sales manager. You cannot do that with a centralized BDC, things can get lost and records might not be kept properly. However, a centralized BDC can be do a lot of things like get all of the marketing efforts for all of the stores accomplished. If the right word tracks are used and the right processes are put together it can be successful. I believe that there will need to be a whole lot of communication between the store and their respective BDC department. When a car gets sold, the BDC needs to know. I saw a dealership have negative ratings allowed and get accused for many shady practices because the BDC would tell the customer to come in and lie to them that a certain vehicle was there when it wasn't. The BDC was not trained to handle those objections and were n

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