Chats & Goal Conversions

Craig Waikem
Is there any way we can track conversions with chat? For example, a paid visitor visits our website. When they submit a lead form we have google analyitcs that tracks the goal completions/conversion. When they make a phone call, we have Marchex dynamic re-write phone # to track the conversion. However, when they chat, we do not have a way to give credit to the SEM budget for a conversion. Any suggesstions or solutions available?
Lauren Moses
Who do you use for chat at the moment?
Megan Barto
Do you have it set up so your chat software sends you a transcript of each chat?
Bill Simmons
I believe that you can do it in Google Analytics by setting up an "Event" goal for chat. Once the goal is setup it will record the "source/medium" where the goal originated. Is this what you are trying to track Craig?
Craig Waikem
Bill, I think you are correct if they clicked the button for chat. That would work! But what about drop down chats? Megan, yes we receive transcripts. Lauren, we currently use Contact at Once and most likely will be moving to Activengage.
Lauren Moses
We only have Contact at once through our account so it's not on our website so I'm not much help on this one. Though I do know that we can see all of our conversations on the chat I don't know how you could really track them. Sorry I couldn't help more

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