Chevy dealer looking for a coop solution

Jenna Popp
Hey All, We used to utilize a GM turn key vendor called Better Car People for this service - " We provide a first response, via email, to your dealerships Internet Sales leads. This response is reviewed by a real person before going out and responded to based on a custom schedule that your dealership can update when needed. We also provide customized template options and Holiday scheduling" Better Car People is no longer able to do this turnkey and utilizing coop funds. Are there any known vendors that do this service and our GM Turnkey IMR vendors? Thanks for the help! Jenna Popp Heidebreicht Chevrolet
Shannon Hammons
Why would you not answer your own internet leads?
Shawn Ryder
is this for after hours and holidays? developing a platform to integrate w/ emails received and automate response based on request.
Grant Gooley
Im curious on the cost of this service? As customer behaviour changes so does our business model. Outsourcing that new model, IMO, is only going to cause issues down the road. Jenna, I think this is a great chance for your dealership to develop an internal solution for internet leads. How do you feel about that?
Megan Barto
The problem with automating your first response is what if the customer has specific questions - does this program look at the ADF XML and answer t hose questions? Remember -- not every single customer is looking for price...sometimes, they just want to know availability!
Amanda Marsal
We use this service as well, and they were actually able to work it out with GM and remain a Co-Op able service. Yes this is for after hours and Holidays. As someone whom the responsibility falls on to ensure leads are effectively responded to on a 24hr basis, I assure you all that internal is the best option, however, that is easy to say when you are not the one having to sleep with a phone under your pillow. Better Car people seems to be the best solution to the 24hr clock I have found so far.

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