Christmas parade ideas????

Linda Loepker
We will be in our local Christmas parade - lighted. I am so tired of throwing out beads. Candy seems to get left behind. Any ideas? People love pens, but I'm afraid I'm going to poke someone's eye out with them. Are coolie cups overdone? Some people say everyone loves them, people around me (family, friends) are like - ugh. Another coolie cup...... Would love something with our name on it. We tried keychains at the Veterans' Day parade - so-so reaction. Balloons are a hit also......
Craig Waikem
Snowbrush scrapers, you can get them for a $1 on amazon. Not sure what the cost would be to get your name on them.
Lauren Moses
Kids love candy. Yes some may get left behind but look at how much ends up in their bags. For adults, plastic cups, coozies, we have a gym that get beach balls and blows them up to throw since they wont hurt people when you throw them and kids love them. Make up some coupons to put inside cups, wrap around pens to hand out, etc. How many people are going to be on the parade and will you have people walking and not riding?
Linda Loepker
We will only have 1 or 2 people in the parade - both riding. I'm leaning toward throwing out glow bracelets right now.
Lauren Moses
Yeah that would be a neat idea especially if it's an evening parade thats a lighted parade, like the one at Disney World. I would crack a bunch of them and come up with a slogan to attach to them with little labels for something. Something to tie in the "Light" and the car buying experience.
Carl Maeda
Hot Wheels? They are about $1 each and adults will probably like them too.

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