City Twist Email Marketing: Ever Use Them?

Jason Stum
Just curious if anyone has ever used City Twist for geo-targeted conquest email marketing? Would love to get your thoughts and opinions if you have. Thanks!
James Altemus
We did for a brief period in 2013. For whatever reason we did not see the results that were advertised, so we opted out. We seem to have that experience with programs like this, so it could just as well be our market as anything else. YMMV.
Chad Sabatka
Yes and it was a complete waste of money. Don't do it. We used them in our Anderson Ford of St. Joseph in Jan 2014 to July 2014, 17 total email campaigns sent to approximately 9-10k email addresses of those "not" in our Database depending on the month. Here's what we saw for one month's campaign: Email Blast #1: 1.1% open rate (97 opens) 14.4% click through (6 unique click - 8 returning visitors) Email Blast #2 1.3% open rate (114 opens) 12.3% click-through (9 unique clicks - 5 returning visitors) Through first 4 email blasts 67 total visitors - 31 unique visitors Cost per visit to website: $162 Overall for 6 months - 17 total email blasts 162 click-throughs - 60 new visitors 38 DMS matched solds that matched City Twist based on name, address, phone, or email - 15 of those were either employees, repeat (some 3+ purchases), or businesses who would purchase regardless of receiving email. - 9 were customers who we were working prior to them receiving email campaign from City Twist - 13 bought at our Kia/Mits store. I included our other local stores to see how many of on this list would have purchased regardless of email received. - 1 customer could be verified as submitting email lead after clicking through from email. - 1 customer was the store itself on an internal purchase of a service shuttle vehicle.
James Altemus
Chad, those numbers seem eerily familiar. Our sample size was no where near yours (we made it through 6 blasts before calling it a day) but we were similarly underwhelmed. I think it all comes down to how these companies know whether someone is in market or not. For the most part I don't think they really have a clue.
Kristy Elliott
@Jason - we have been doing targeted email blasts to - in our case - truck intenders - through and they have been very successful. Very high open and click-through rate and we are able to compare them to our sold list for the same period. In one month, we sold 8 to customers that had no previous contact with us.
Jason Stum
Thanks for the input all, you're helping me verify what my gut feeling was telling me. Anyone else have experience with City Twist?

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