Conferences to attend this year?

H Gregory Gershman
Happy New Year to all :-) Quick question about conferences. I am considering either speaking at or attending a few this year. Does anyone have any advice about which to go to? If there is one you have attended or like what should I make sure I see if I go?
Cody Jerry
NADA and Driving Sales have great conventions. From my experience, you will find more GMs and Owners at NADA, but that could just be from the crowd I'm in.
Robert Karbaum
If I was in the vendor world, I would want to attend as many conferences as I could!
Jonathan Dawson
@Gregory Really depends on your goals and agenda. It's always good to be at the big ones; DS, NADA, AutoCon, DD. There is one coming up that is the most unique conference you will find. It's the largest collection of 6 figure salespeople in the country. 80% of the speakers are 6 figure salespeople who still sell cars full-time. No vendor pitches (45 minute infomercials) disguised as "content". Just pure strategies, secrets, and skill sets. People like: Salespeople with 80% repeat / referral sales Guy who earned $48,000 in one month selling cars Lady who's record is 59.5 and plans on breaking that this year. New guy (13 mos) who sold over 300 in 2014 and made over $150,000 It really depends on what you are into? I'll be at NADA, DS, and probably AutoCon.
Robert Karbaum
What conference is this you speak of Jonathan? The "most unique conference you will find."
H Gregory Gershman
Hi All, thanks for the comments. NADA probably too big a sea to be effective any longer, both for vendors and attendees. Thinking something much more content based and still of a size that meaningful communication can happen. @Jonathan, Which is the unique one? I am very willing to trade my sales and hiring knowledge for relationships.

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