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Carol Forden

Do you use blogs or content marketing in your marketing mix?

If so what has your experience been to date?  How often do you update your blog and do you promote the content?

Carol Forden

@dane  The info you posted from Matt Cutts is almost 7 years old, see my comment above this, that is the Fred update that is from 2018. 

Also, I gave links of your posts to Dr Pete and Sam Hurley today, they replied with several links and do not agree with your comments.  Content marketing is anything but "complementary content".  I'll post the links later on when I have more time.

Andrew James

Don't overcomplicate it.

Do you provide the best answer to a search query with a 3 minute Youtube video?

Post a 3 minute Youtube video.

Do you satisfy a specific search with a 1,000 word blog post?

Write a 1,000 word blog post.

SEO is about increasing the visibility and usability of your website, and sometimes this is accomplished with more video and less text. It all depends on what your visitors (and customers) want.

Amanda Gordon

Andrew I'm with you. Video is the future. This is an On-demand world and if you can't deliver a message within 60 seconds the audience is gone. 

Andrew James

Amanda true! But it does depend on what your customers prefer to consume. That's why persona research is so important.

Dane Saville

Andrew, that's spot on. Persona research is vital, so you can learn about who's consuming your content. And Google Analytics gives so much data in order to better understand your visitors, and, with the right strategy and tools in place (e.g. Pixel and GTM setups), you can even couple that with some data you can pull from social platform analytics. It can be quite robust as long as you can roll up your sleeves and put in the work -- even down to seeing what devices are used for different content. 

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