Content vs Links for SEO

JD Rucker
What do vendors and car dealers believe is more important for search engine optimization? If you had to choose one or the other - good SEO-friendly onsite content or offsite inbound links, which would you choose for your SEO plan?
Paul Rushing
Since most dealerships websites are static content. (Huge Mistake) The onsite content better be perfect. On site is only 25% of the yardstick in SEO, off site is 75% of it, for now. You can pick up some long tail searches from content alone if you can get the spiders to revisit your site often enough, which is accomplished with a solid linking strategy!!
Brian Pasch
Good content on well optimized pages, over time, is the best long term plan for search optimization. If you look at the largest lead collector sites, they have a page created for every car model in every year with a full page of text and photos about the car. This is how these lead collectors win the SEO game. Most car dealer inventory pages have just the basics about the car and some photos. Car detail pages often have very little content in paragraph form. When was the last time you visited a dealer site that had a multiple pages of content on each new car model that they are selling? Ideally, if dealers added warranty manuals, color charts, features guides, pricing grids, customer comments and third party reviews, they could easily fill a few pages per car model. In not talking about off-site hosted plugs-in, I mean content hosted on the site that original. Good on-site content will allow dealers to compete. If they use standardize websites template, they may find that add text pages is hard.

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