Conversica? Artificial intelligence or real stupid?

Dan Sayer
Looking at the new AVA, "Conversica". Side note: They actually now have a logo instead of an inappropriately proportioned female android! Anyone want to chime in as to why I should or should not try it? I was impressed with the demo a have contracts in-hand. We use eLead so we don't have the ability to see any email deliverability metrics (other than opened) so on that front, Conversica is intriguing to me. Thanks!
Chris K Leslie
Kind of sounds like Mailchimp Automation.
R Lamb
eLeads has a similar product called AVA I believe? Ask your performance manager about it. With that you also have the ability to track metrics. Never used it, can't justify $1200 or whatever they want for it to send out of their same sh!tty server. Isn't is amazing, a huge CRM company like eLeads can't provide you with any good reporting on how your emails are being delivered...smh. So many good cheap CRMS available now, these big boys lack so much of what is available elsewhere.
Dave Rozek
They are all outdated and we are killing the consumer with email follow up from auto responders due to button pushers in BDC departments. Depending on your email campaign, I recommend customizing your emails with a link to a custom landing page that only comes from your email link that forces a Behavioral action by the visitor. If offering a price add an E Price button, A text to Talk button, a specific 800 tracking number, and a form submission box. You will either get a bounce from the page or an action based on their choice. Either way you will get an idea of how many people are going to that page in your Google Analytics account.
mark rask
Good thoughts dave
Lauren Moses
Following this one. I have done a demo and looking into them just don't know that we as such a small dealership are really ready to take that next step.

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