Conversion Focused Inventory Displays

Brian Miller
A god inventory display is a balance of good data, quality vehicle images, easy of use, and visible points of engagement. The formula is not an exact science, but I have always been a fan of presenting the vehicles correctly first, after all they are the foundation.
Are all of the vehicle photos of good quality? Are all of the lead images of the same uniform angle like in a neat row they are on the lot. This conveys to the customer subliminally that you are an organized and trustworthy dealer.
- Do you have proper vehicle data showing (4 Jeeps in stock but one says “JEEP”, or is the color “Deep Cherry Red Crystal” vs “RED”)
- Are you selling the vehicle with your comments, or just using some canned tool that says the same thing generic thing about each one? Remember used cars are like houses, no two are the same so take the time to tell the story...your customers will notice!
- Used Pricing should be updated regularly. In many cases the same person will return to the same listing repeatedly and they will notice the price change (do you know what vehicles have been viewed repeatedly)
-New Pricing is critical. Incentive change on a dime these days and you need to have a system in place to adjust quickly (the company I work for helps dealer set up rules for this which take almost no time to manage)
As far conversion rates based on the number of points of engagement, there are as many suggestions and opinions on this as the sky has stars. The reality is you may have to track ROI after testing several different levels of contact engagements to find the right balance for your organization and the market demographic it attracts (as we all know these vary dealer to dealer). Hope this helps Dan...Happy Selling!

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