Conversion Rates for used cars on 3rd Party Aggregates

Taylan Yu
Hi Everyone, I searched DrivingSales for a conversation about conversion rates for used cars on AutoTrader. I wasn't able to find a discussion so I thought I'd ask! What should your click through rate be from an aggregate? (from list views to VDP) What is the norm for conversion rates on Used inventory on an aggregate?
Tim Scoutelas
It's been my experience that "click through rate" (CTR) will vary from unit to unit. High supply, low demand units will see less than 1% while unique, high demand units can soar over 4%. I've found that the sweet spot is somewhere around 2%. I'm curious to hear what others are seeing.
Taylan Yu
CTR for us on the last three months have been consistently 4.5%. Most of our used inventory is pre-owned Kia's but we do have some off-makes as well. Conversion sits around 1% after customer lands on VDP on Trader, I'm curious to find out if that is low? It seems low...
Jillian Marchewka
We have a 12.3% Conversion Rate after they land on the VDP... I don't know why your conversion is so low. Can you give me an example of one of your VDP pages?
Taylan Yu
12.3% is great! Those are leads from / ONLY right? Here is a VDP from the aggregate site: What is your click through rate Jillian?
Jillian Marchewka
Well, just looking at a sample VDP I can suggest that you watch the order of your photos... You need to have a "money shot" of the exterior as the first picture because that is what shows up on search. You can also do branded dealership overlays on your photos to include your dealership number, website, etc. You can do this quickly and efficiently for free by using the freeware program "ImBatch" ( I have to check out our CTR stats but I will let you know. Here is an example of one of our VDPs on AT: Note: We only have the base package as we are trying to cut costs, and we already stock a lot of rare inventory. We also don't go overboard selling the dealership experience in our VDP comments... we keep it about the vehicle and that's about it.

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