Conversion while closed?

royce dennis
What tools are you using to attract and increase sales via contact during after hours & Sunday (certain states MD) shoppers that are on your lots when you and your staff are home?
Lindsay Kwaselow
Royce, The most important thing is to allow your VPDs to display the value in your vehicles 24/7 when your staff is not available. Most dealers have an alphabetical, irrelevant laundry list of features and options but do not highlight visually the vehicle highlights that matter most. Such as "This vehicle has $3,000 of added value between recon, certification, ownership, mileage, trim level, etc." By visually displaying this info right on your VDP you are optimizing the information on your website. Next key is to have an autoresponder that will give your leads the info they're looking for. Not just something that says "Thanks for your inquiry, we will reach out to you shortly." If you get a lead on a used vehicle, you should have an autoresponse set up that immediately sends them concrete info on the vehicle of interest that builds value in the car (and your store) and justifies your price using third party information. Email the customer a "digital used car brochure" that shows them the dollars that went into reconditioning the vehicle or if it's certified, show them the dollars that go into your certification process. It's also important to show them actual comps in your area that are priced higher, and that lack the value indicators your vehicles have. Show them actual vehicles that have sold for higher than what you've listed yours at. Then of course follow up as soon as possible. Ask if they received this information and review it with them. This is the best way to make your vehicles stand out from the 20-30 others they've viewed. We actually automate this entire process and provide reports that contain all the info and more mentioned above. Let me know if you'd like more info on this.
Parker Lukjanovs
@Royce You're referring to THE LOT, not the digital store front, right?
royce dennis
@Parker Correct!
Parker Lukjanovs
@Royce Yeah I figured, find a great solution to this and you have million dollar idea.
royce dennis
@Parker I'm pretty sure I have got something pretty close to being the best tool yet. Actually deploying to 3 independents in the coming weeks. If all goes well I think we will go full steam ahead.

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