Copycat Website Content... Why do vendors do this?

Jillian Marchewka
So, I am currently testing my website design/digital marketing skills and I am building a website for our new "group" site for our re-branding transition of our Chevy store and our 3 Used dealerships. I'm doing this DIY style via Wordpress and using the DealerTrend inventory API (which rocks, by the way!) I was just getting tired of vendors saying that certain things were not possible, being locked into the same templates of other dealers, and having no way to be in control of my content (or SEO tactics.) Anyway, the point of this post is that after doing a lot of "Inspirational Research" while checking out many popular auto dealer websites, I've noticed a HUGE trend with many sites made by the same vendors... Many sites have the same content, on the same pages, and it is essentially "Copied and Pasted." These are the same vendors that sell you promising "SEO services" to target your customers and say you will have a dedicated content person for your site. For example, I went onto two very popular and prominent auto mall sites and checked out their financing sections to get a few ideas. I compared them side by side and they had the SAME EXACT TEXT! I was floored. I know financing isn't the most fun thing to write about, but you can write SOMETHING unique that your customers will resonate with. I'm not going to call out specific dealership websites or vendors unless someone would really want some examples, but I just don't see why dealers are investing their money in these website companies that are delivering their services "Fast Food" style. It is just really sad, and it is really hurting website SEO. This is the reason why I have refused to go with a big website vendor... My dealership deserves better. Has anyone else noticed this at all? Your thoughts?
Cody Jerry
Tim from Wikimotive brought this up a few months ago as a blog post I believe. If you really want to get floored you should copy some text from one of those sites, and paste it between quotes in Google. This will show you all the instances of that text existing in their index. It will probably produce thousands of results. That being said, why haven't these dealerships done anything about it? They have access to the back end of their websites, and they could absolutely change this themselves. Heck, they could go on Odesk, and get a whole website of content for under $200 total.
Jillian Marchewka
Cody, I just did the Google trick... I am completely disgusted. :-( True about the back end access, but I feel as though some dealerships are just under a false impression about their services they are paying for, and if they don't have people at their dealership that actually know real SEO tactics, then they are kind of blind to it all. And it then brings the ethics of the vendors into play... They know they are doing this, but they don't care because there is still money pouring in and they aren't getting any type of backlash. Sigh.
Megan Barto
Copycat text is easier then actually writing quality content... What's that they say about the path of least resistance?
Jillian Marchewka
Touché, Megan.
Dustin Lyons
Good on you for not just going with the status quo. I think that you are right that they know they are doing this and Megan is right because it definitely is the path of least resistance. So much easier to use the same template and cram the same content and blog posts. I also think that most dealers don't understand and don't care because they are still seeing leads come in and they don't know any better. Most dealer sites till come up high enough with most basic search phrases, but for me one of the major issues with this is that there is nothing that makes that dealership stand out r be unique. In order to be better than your competition you need to be different than your competition.

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