Corona Cash Marketing

Chris K Leslie

seems like direct mail companies have wasted no time in capitalizing on the stimulus money that is coming.

What are your thoughts on “double your corona cash” type marketing? 

Paul Jones

I think one of the things to consider is that while tax refunds often feel like "extra money" to people, these stimulus checks may be one of the things that are keeping some people afloat. I think the danger here is coming off as tone-deaf when marketing based on anything Coronavirus. But it depends on your dealer's brand and your target market. With some states having so many of their workers deemed "essential" there may be some markets that are flushed with "corona cash."

My pitch is to position dealer discounts as our own brand of stimulus program. Basically, our dealership's participation in helping get the economy moving again. Hopefully, using coming/continuing aggressive OEM discounting and finance rates to position the message from a softer "saving" and "benefiting" position. But I am coming from a strongly established community dealer with 60 years of history... we don't have to shout SALE, SALE, SALE like many of the smaller and newer dealers may have too to fight for attention- we have a greater liability from being tone-deaf and turning of a well-established historical customer base in a competitive market where faithful long-term customers are worth their weight in gold in word-of-mouth alone. 

Ultimately, I'm suggesting there is no universal right or wrong answer, even if something might be right or wrong for your specific dealership in your specific market. I think most if us are praying for pent up demand and hoping that stimulus checks help give car sales a boost, but timing is everything and my suggestion to my dealership to to continue to invest in brand building and avoid anything that may come off as exploitative, even though we are all feeling the pain of this and the future can seem uncertain and scary. 

Martins Ville

If you are marketing to take these checks away from families who need them for past rent, mortgage, healthcare costs, food, childcare, etc - you are losers. Period. Is this the best this industry can do? OMG!!! So glad I am out.

Derrick Woolfson

Wow, thats a bit tone deaf for sure. While I have not seen the mailers hit my mailbox yet - I have seen (and continue to see) OEM commercials that are entirely off base. You'd think OEMS would be playing more active role in helping the dealers. 

Morgan Hardy

I have not seen any ads like this yet but I think it's a sensitive topic. I have been seeing a lot of ads for "debt relief". 

Morgan Hardy

@Derrick - Right! I have heard nothing about OEM's helping the dealerships. You'd think they could put something out there by now. 

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