Could our marketing dollars go further and provide a greater ROI?

Kaylee Pendergrass

I have a solution, but i want to here your opinion! 

Derrick Woolfson

This is a very open-ended question, of course, any dealer could better spend their money when it comes to marketing. One of the biggest hidden costs a dealer faces is the fact that they have multiple vendors that do the same thing. Or worse, they turn a blind eye with their vendor and do not ask questions or review the reporting. 

Mark @ Autobahn Academy

Yes, although your question is very vague :) 

Much like: Can you make better pizza? 

We've established a program where we tweak a dealership's Marketing strategy in 114 points. To its full extent, we boosted a small dealer group year over year sales by 108 millions. The dealer group achieved that while cutting marketing $$$ by 40% following our recommendations.

I don't know if you could consider that as a ROI improvement. I can only tell you I never pay lunch when I'm with these guys! 

We've called it the Autobahn Academy Formula :) We completed this program with 37 dealers in 2018.

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