Couple questions and an Autotrader TIM template...

Craig Waikem
1. Has anyone had luck with I recently read they were half the traffic of and growing fast. I have sent them a lead on their site and emailed but have not received any response. Anyone feeding their inventory to them? 2. We are signing on with a 3rd party lead providers for pre-owned vehicles. The incoming calls (rather than emails) are $20 lead . Who is using this, and do you recommend a phone lead as much as chat/email? We just had huge success with an email marketing campaign. If anyone is an Autotrader T.I.M buying center or trade in center, let me know and I will email you the tempate.
Cassandra Lovering
We haven't done anything with, though I'm always looking for new sites and lead providers. I'll check them out too and compare notes. We just signed off on TIM because of the ROI. We found that they doubled the work load of our BDC but had incredibly low show rates. Granted, they aren't technically a lead provider, but the time spent following up wasn't the best use of our resources. Also, we found that the in-showroom process didn't have the desired effect on our customers. I'm curious to hear about your success with your marketing campaign, especially if it was with TIM, since we've had such a different experience.
Craig Waikem
Autotrader's TIM is a great tool, just have to prepare the customer for the low price. It's great to have a third party put a value on a customer's car. Autotrader is a buyer, a true number unlike KBB,, etc. We also invite the number in the showroom, so when a customer doesn't know what their vehicle is worth or won't give us a number, great to start at Autotrader TIM. The email blast stressed the urgency that we needed used cars NOW, offered a link to our DW Autotrader TIM and there was a great video embedded in email explaining the TIM process. Autotrader came out with this video a month ago, and it hits the nail on the head. We have bought 6 vehicles off the eblast with appointments the past week :-). Overall we close under 60 days 3% on conquest TIM, 7% on DW TIM, and 0% on KBB TIM (just signed up KBB this month). 125+ leads/month @ $5,000 (12.5 sell) $400 PVS cost. Plus all the street purchases and gross it saves on deals in the showroom. What do you do when a customer wants a value over the phone or online? This is a great way to overcome that objection if you can't get an appt out of them. Plus you are not re-directing them to KBB or Edmunds where you may loose the lead.
Steve Devereaux
Hi Craig. I'm interested in this template if you still have it. Would be great if you could send it to Thanks!
Steve Devereaux
I'm interested in this e-mail template you have if you still have it. Could you message me on here if you do. Thanks!
Sean Peoples
Hi Craig, I am not sure where you read we were half of, but I wish! What is correct is that we are growing like crazy. is now approaching 6 Million Unique Users per month, which puts us in the top 10 largest auto research sites on the web. Since we were number 20 last year, you can see how quickly we've grown. I'll give you a call using the number on your website to discuss, and I apologize for our lack of response to you so far (not sure what happened). If we don't happen to connect, feel free to e-mail and it will come to me. Hopefully our program works as well for you as we are seeing for the other dealers that are participating. Sincerely, - Sean

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