Craigslist, do you list your inventory on this site?

Jennifer Bourgeois
I am looking for any feedback from dealers with inventory listings on Craigslist. I have done it in the past with minimal success. Mostly vehicles under the $15,000 price mark seem to be the most viable for the demographic shopping for cars on this site. Now there seems to be a lot more companies that offer posting and tracking of your inventory for you. Any suggestions on vendors to use and what are the features that are most advantageous to have in these packages?
Carl Maeda
We do Craigslist postings and the optimal price point depends on the area. Its' almost always going to be $10k - $15k. One-of-a-kind or limited edition cars sell well here too. And Salvage titled cars do extremely well. As Chris is implying. If you post on Craigslist, you'll get people that are much more likely to bargain. We had a few cancellations of our product because the dealership said while it brought in plenty of leads, the sales people weren't expecting to take so much time negotiating on the vehicle. For an automated solution, you want to be able to specify when you post. Posting at 1am everyday will just bury your ads by the time people wake up. The optimal time differs slightly in different areas. Typically, test between 7:30am and 9am or between 3pm and 5pm. You also want to be able to specify parameters use to choose the cars to post. Two of the common parameters are price of the car and the number of days on the lot. You also want call tracking so you can measure how many leads are being generated. If you post a link to your VDP page, you should UTM that as well to track any on-site visits.
Jennifer Bourgeois
Thank you Carl. I would indeed personally provide the UTM codes for the vdps to track in analytics as well. Good advice, thanks again!
Carl Maeda
No problem. Glad to help. Feel free to reach out to me anytime if you have questions. -Carl

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