Craigslist has released more changes

Paul Rushing
Nice spam forum post. Drivingsales is to share real help to dealers not to divert them to your sales pitch...
Max Katsarelas
Paul, didn't want to be misinterpreted as spam. I was simply highlighting some of the big changes Craigslist has made the last couple of weeks which will affect traffic to dealer websites. If your store is posting to Craiglist, they've likely seen the consequences. Those changes include: - No links in Craigslist posts directing to VDPs or dealer websites - No HTML images - No HTML text effects - Increased ghosting/flagging
James Jalali
I noticed that, so what is best practices for posting on craigslist. I have been posting on craigslist for years and beleive that I learned most of the rules/tricks on how to post but I am surprised/frustrated when sometimes my posting get deleted right a way for no apparent reason.
Chris K Leslie
Max, thanks for sharing those changes. It should have never allowed businesses especially auto and real estate agencies to post ads. It ruined the unique value it originally offered from a personal use standpoint.
Max Katsarelas
Thanks for the comments guys. James, unfortunately I'm not sure what prompts a flag or ghost from CL. Random text can prompt it. Similar text from another ad can prompt it. It can be very difficult to pinpoint what the algorithm allows and doesn't allow. Chris, I would agree if CL didn't create a category for real estate agencies or dealers to post ads. If they wanted to keep it peer-to-peer, they should have kept out the other guys. There is a huge opportunity for CL to make a killing, though. Theyy should just charge dealers and real estate agencies to post ads. They already charge for companies to post jobs in a bunch of big cities.
Michael Vincent
Craigslist announced today that it will be charging $5 per add in for sale by dealers section in SF Bay Area starting Dec 3rd.

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