craigslist postings flagged

Shane Moran
I am curious to see if anyone else is having problems with someone flagging their craigslist postings and whether or not there is anything we can do to stop it or figure out who is doing it. I would hate to think it is a competeing dealership but who knows.
Edward Oliver
Look carefully at your ad for discrepancies or something that may be perceived as false or misleading. I had one that kept getting flagged I would repost and it would get flagged again. Finally after some study I realized the Picture of the car had a price on the windshield you could barely make it out but it was100 dollars off from my advertised craigslist price. So I changed the price to match the one in the picture and it never got flagged again. Some people don’t have a life and will look for reasons to flag but it’s hard to imagine another dealer with nothing better to do then flag your ads. I suppose anything is possible though.
Dustin Bailey
Some people don’t have a life and will look for reasons to flag. The above poster said this... and this is a very common issue with dealership craigslist ads... If my vehicles get posted ( by 3rd party company) without photos, or price... people throw a fit, send mean emails, flag all of my listings, etc etc. Craigslist is a very " special" place.

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