Create a video walkaround

Mark Winters
Learn how to create a first class video walk around of you inventory without spending an enormous amount of time.
Mark Winters
With the growing importance of Youtube and video not to mention SEO I wanted to share with you all how easy it is to make a video walk around. I know this sounds difficult but it really isn't. You will need to start out with a few basics. 1) a quite place to shoot video, preferably in a studio or a back lot. 2) a "quiet" backdrop. meaning a blank wall or area without a lot of distraction 3) an HD video camera with mic input. These can be purchased at an electronics store for about $300.00. I use a Cannon. Look for these features, HD, Mic input ( I can't stress this enough), Fast zoom, Image stabilization. 4) a wireless lapel or "lavalier" microphone ( I went all out on this as the cheap ones break and get interference) 5) A Mac computer with iLife software. This part may be an expense but nobody does video better than Apple computers. I use a MacBook Pro laptop. The iLife software is $99.00. You can find used ones on the apple store under refurbished or on e-bay. Using a Mac is simple and easy to use. The learning curve is very low and you will be up and running in no time. Once you have the basics you can start shooting and editing to have your walkarounds come out looking like the pro's did it. Take a look at a few of the video's I have shot over the past few weeks.
Eric Miltsch
Mark - Very nice video, she does an excellent job with the walk around. Nice job on the lighting & sound quality as well.
Mark Winters
Thanks Eric, Khristina works in my call center.
Mark Winters
This was the first video we made.
Larry Schlagheck
Can't underestimate the subtle, yet important, impact of the background music. Very nice touch and something that makes the video comforting even though it's rarely noticed. Nice job!

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