CreditScore Estimator Tool from BlackBook?

Amy Taggart
First I've heard of it, but I'd love to see what other comments are...
Casey Copeland
Amy, I have seen it gaining a bunch of ground around here (midwest), I am surprised there isn't more people with an experience, maybe too new? I can definitely see visitors seeing a "credit score" without actually pulling an actual report is an added value to their visit, but I was curious how many times they hear "I just wanted to see what my score was" when attempting to followup on the submissions.
Amy Taggart
Ah - that makes sense. When I originally read your post I was thinking of it from the dealer's perspective of having access to someone's credit score, not in terms of the interaction with the consumer who made the request. I can see it going down the way you describe, too.
Matt Lowery
It was pitched to us but we turned it down. We go with the model that everyone is approved. I do see there being some problems, You really need to know how you pay all of your bills. For your A+ credit its not an issue, but asking a 580 score how many bills he is past due on isn't very realistic. So we just go with the philosophy, bring everyone in.
Casey Copeland
Matt, The goal would be to increase leads for us, not necessarily any sort of pre-qualification on the customers. Just curious if these leads would provide us much in terms of closing %.

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