Critique and grade this used car dealer website: What would you change, improve, add, delete or do?

Syed Azam
Question: For SEO, do you plan to add content on the home page of Also, I would suggest to a ticker, for the lack of a better term, under the main image that shows your last few blog posting headings. While you will get the SEO benefits of having the blog but you may lose the visitors as they have to click on the link to go to your blog. One last thing - the footer text links are for crawlers so may be use +/- buttons to hide them as the footer is bit taller. Or may be try a lighter tone of blue color. oh! what about sitemap link? On first glance, I was not able to find it in the footer. Sincerely, Syed Azam
Syed Azam
How come main blog allows line break and my comment appears like a big block of text? I blame Eric Miltsch for this :)
Eric Miltsch
Syed - good answers. (Heh - the comment rendering first appears as a blog of text, but upon refreshing the line breaks do appear. Working on this!)
One Two
Syed, my thoughts exactly! Blog and content on homepage would have to change, and Sitemaps have full support from Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft, so it's an obvious inclusion moving forward. It is established you must stand out and differentiate yourself from the pack. Key Developments (not in particular order): 1. According to the experts 69% of your website visitors will never call or send an email, they will just show up! When they do make a call or especially submit an internet inquiry (lead), you better be first (or fast) and stay with them along their entire car buying journey. You need to follow up with frequency and blow them away with incredibly good copy, describing the vehicle and communicate your value proposition (why buy here) overwhelmingly. Become the area's test drive HQ and make the call to action powerful! 2. Whether customers reach you by website or email, you want to dominate the information exchange with excellent vehicle descriptions that impresses the customer like they never have. Great pictures, videos, info graphics, vehicle reviews. Be the expert, get creative, show the way, offer a free guide and information everyone isn't, the more the better. They're here to find a car. ** This is where blogs fit in perfectly because you can open the conversation up to everyone, so all this can be shared via social and picked up by the spiders at Google, Yahoo and Microsoft for SEO, and more. You can stuff a lot of information into a blog, where on a webpage its might otherwise look too busy and seem out of place. 3. If you say you are the best, you better be able to prove it. So you'll need to have a good reputation online, especially if you are a used car dealer. You want to voraciously establish your integrity in the marketplace by seeking testimony and reviews from every sales and service customer so they can be seen, and shared. You can have a 3.5 star review and have a customer for life, so it's not how many 5 star reviews you have contrary to popular belief, just have a lot of reviews. 4. A rich and deep engagement experience is most important thing to the user, so what you really want to create is a "magnetic puzzle" where all the pieces seems to gravitate to each other, solving the customers problem one after another, like magic. 5. You want to get onto the social sphere to establish excellent visibility because that's where people are today - goofing off, playing games, connecting, chatting with each other, seeing what others are doing, seeing and saying. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest are hot destinations. 6. There seems to a very good correlation in many studies I've encountered in relation to site visitors and dealership internet sales. Almost seems too good to be true, but it's accurate. For instance, a dealership with 5,000 unique visitors will get about 10% or 500 opportunities. And from an industry average closing ratio just under 8%, you can safely assume that would result in 40-50 sales. So it would make sense to have all these elements if you had a used car dealership website: -Blazing fast follow up with compelling details about the vehicle and your dealership, right up to when the customer buys. -A rich and deeply engaging experience where you seriously prove you can sell cars by delivering awesome vehicle information, tugging their emotions and hot buttons with outstanding command of the human language better than anyone else, as well as addressing all the customers concerns and questions from financing to service, becoming the expert to them. -Establishing your reputation online, with full immersion into the social elements where the people are, and where this is all heading. It's a numbers game, and if #5 is true, everything else makes complete sense and provides a robust internet operation the dealer will be proud of.
One Two
It's a wrap. Are these questions DELETE-ABLE ?
paris armani
Just a side note. For me. Site is to busy. dont even know where to start. I think dealers have WAY to much fluff. I want to SEE a car , schedule service , and see who runnin the show. I will go to 3rd party for reviews ..

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