Critique my Photo Booth

Stephen Brown
After many months and much help from the DS community, I have photoed the first 3 vehicles in my new indoor photo booth. White Passat: Blue Beetle: Black Jeep: Here is my old thread about setting it up: Any ways I can improve them?
Jared Hamilton
Stephen, WOW - so cool to see the improved photos. Clearly you are a not just a "Talker" but a "Do-er". The industry needs more of people like you. Congrats on taking the bull by the horns and getting things done. My only recommendation (very very picky) is to give your logo a touch more breathing room on the main photo. It looks like the logo is touching the roof of the cars and could be nice with a touch more white space. Fantastic work!
Bryan Armstrong
Nice job Stephen! Looks sweet and now the changing of the Seasons won't be a "tell" on your Inventories age. I would move your overlay from the Top Center to the upper left.It would be less obtrusive and still stand out. Also keep the camera level (belt buckle heigth) consistent throughout and the photo angle as well. Way to not just ask but to implement. Having knowledge and employing it is the clear difference between winners and wanna-bes.
Eric Miltsch
Stephen, Cheers to you for actually executing - that's the key trait of successful dealers. A new process like this can also act as a great lesson thoughout the dealership & demonstrate what can be done to improve other areas. My.02 on the backlighting: Consider playing around with other overhead Iighting solutions rather than an accent light. Very nice job!
Jim Bell
Very nice! This is what this whole community is all about...making each other better through advise. Congrats on the new booth.
Paul Hamilton
Very cool Stephen, Of the three, I think the photo of the Passat was done the best. on the Bug, the left side is blown out a little bit and creates a distraction in my eyes. I would also recommend adding some light on the back right side of the car so it pops a little more and doesn't have the shadow. I am also with Jared and Bryan with creating a little more space for you logo and pushing it to the top left corner. Could you touch some on the difficulty of setting this up and any problems you had in the process, this would help other dealers get a better idea of all that is involved in setting the booth. Good work!

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