Critique on my logo

Felix andersson
Hey guys, Ive been browsing this community now for a while but as a passive member. I really like it and I bet you will understand why. We are about to launch our new website soon and I am the one making the design. So I have created a new logo which looks like this: As you can see it's inspired by Driving sales. However I have chosen to make the hood of the car more sporty as well as the back, making a distinctive line. I would love to have some feedback on the logo. The site it concerns:
Jerry Thibeau
Don't like it. Makes no sense. Your Logo should give me a clue as to what you do.
Lauren Moses
Felix, I'm with Jerry. It's not bad but doesn't give me much idea of not just what you do but also who you are. (and not just in the literal sense). Are you a dealership, a vendor, used lot?
Mark Miller
Having worked in many different areas of the automotive industry I was confused as well. It doesn't tell me anything, it's not a bad design, just not one that would inspire me to go any further based on a logo.
Mark Dubis
Felix, I think it looks great. I would run with it. Just a comment from a guy with 6 years of formal art and design education. Mark
Janice Petersen
I really like the logo but have to agree with most of the others I have no idea who you are and if that was all I saw probably wouldn't investigate further.

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