CRM Deliverability Issues

Hunter Swift
I was asked recently to help a dealership with their email templates. Thought I would pass a long some of the tips for deliverability that I suggested: The subject line is the single most important indicator of whether an e-mail message will be opened and read. Ensure that the subject line is clear, concise, and, if possible, contains personalization so the recipient will distinguish it as being unique. Studies have proven that consumers are more responsive to e-mail communications when they are sent in a consistent format, with the same “look and feel” from one mailing to another. Dealers are advised to develop an “e-mail template” which will allow their content to change from month to month but still be consistently identifiable, over time, as a message from the dealership. Send information that is relevant to the customer. Provide both sales and non-sales content. Use Data-Mining tools in your CRM to market to the right people, with the right message, at the right time. Plan e-mail marketing campaigns in advance. Do not put critical text in images; many people will never see them as they have images off Make sure you always have Dealership’s contact info on email. Add any appropriate qualifying price criteria such as “* Your e-Price is valid ONLY on purchases made directly through our Internet Department. All vehicles are subject to prior sale and Price Quotes Expire in 48 hours. Your e-Price includes dealership discount, factory rebates, and online savings certificates.” Tips for avoiding spam: Never send just a picture Never use all caps Never use multiple exclamation points (!!!) or multiple non-alphanumeric characters ie: %* #:?. Never use different colored fonts, Use Black for fonts only
Hunter Swift
Not sure why all the "�" sorry.
Jared Hamilton
Hunter - the funky text comes from writing in another tool, usually Word, and then copy/pasting the text into the editor. When you type in word it uses a different encoding that is not translated into the text editor in the web browser. Sorry about that...
Tommy Bay
Our genius developers have added a line of code that searches for non-compliant characters generated by some third-party text editors (like MS Word) and will now translate them to something the browser can read. We shouldn't see those funky characters anymore. Thanks!
Hunter Swift
Jared and Tommy... I actually wrote an article on DrivingSales a while back on the matter and I just copied and pasted that article from DS into the comments.

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