CRM Follow-Up Process based on Status or Last Result?

Dan Sayer
I've used both DealerSocket and eLead and both employ a system of follow-up based on how you classify shoppers (a Status that triggers tasks). So, particular phone and email to-dos populate based on if the shopper is unreached, working, hot to buy, dragging their feet, dead in the water, etc. Each CRM provider has names like Working, Hot, Unconfirmed, etc. and we move people through Statuses as the road to the sale progresses. While at NADA last weekend I viewed a demo of DealerTrack's CRM ('s) and it was different in approach. They don't have you classify or label any customer based on when they'll buy but rather the follow-up is based on the result of the last attempted contact. It was actually funny when I asked the young lady who was showing the system about their status and triggers. She just gave me a blank look before calling over one of the software engineers. After a little explaining, he figured out what I was trying to ask. DealerTrack CRM sets the next task based on if the last phone call was unsuccessful (for example), it will automatically schedule another call attempt, etc. The system didn't really care about labeling any shopper. DealerTrack almost seemed unaware that their approach was different than some of their major competitors. Is this truly something new and different or have any of you seen this in other CRMs (no statuses but rather tasks generate based on result of last task)?
Michael Bilson
Dan. Most CRM tools will send out an email on a static platform. In other words..if your lead status is ____ then email _____ will be sent on ____. It will also task the person assigned to the lead with making a call or sending an email. Great system in theory...but the downside is you have to have everyone inputting the data into the CRM correctly and the emails sent to the customers from the CRM often contain hyperlinks or too much content and end up in spam or unable to be seen on smartphones or tablets. I work at Conversica which utilizes Artificial Intelligence to determine when and whether to continue engagement with a lead. Outgoing messages are based on when the customer replied and what the customer said. Only a status of SOLD or Do Not Contact would be ignored (although you could add others). If the lead does not respond and is not a sold or DNC then the follow up process would continue. Feel free to reach out if you are curious to know more.
Chris K Leslie
I think i see what you are saying and there are some things you can do through Business Rules inside of Dealer Socket. However it can be a bit overwhelming at times. To break it down. Your tasks are dependent on being enrolled in a campaign. The campaign enrollment is dependent on the business rules and the business rules are dependent on the current status. If phone calls todos were being generated over and over again because you havent been able to reach someone. Based on what you are saying about DealerTrack At what point does the lead need to move through the next status? Or does it just keep it in play and have more leads added to it?
Dan Sayer
Michael, well played, well played. Still not interested in AVA, though. Case in point:
Dan Sayer
Chris, I spent about 30 minutes in the demo so I'll have to circle back around on those specifics. We currently use eLead and it is just as difficult if not more than DealerSocket to set up your own status triggers. In general, though, I found DealerTrack's approach completely different in the way they presented the workflow. Now, whether that is in the way they presented it or if in reality it is closer to eLead and DS than I think is my true question here.
Shawn Ryder
Dan - do you like to have flexibility to define pipelines and tags of leads?

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