Custom Comments For Pre-Owned Vehicles

Derrick Woolfson

For those that manage your dealers inventory, do you use your own custom comments for pre-owned vehicles? We are finding that we have more success with our own custom comments vs. the comments  that are pre-filled. But the issue is consistency as it can be very time consuming. 


Chris K Leslie

We’ve been talking about doing this for a select group of pre owned. But, you’re right, consistency is the key. 

Bart Wilson

Derrick, do you have any results that would warrant the added time it takes to create them?

Martins Ville

Most dealers don't do this but the first five words matter the most. If you can describe the vehicle in 5 remarkable words, the customer will remember it. The rest is lost in the wilderness.

Derrick Woolfson

@Bart, yes - we saw increased calls/conversion. 


Derrick Woolfson

@Martins, I disagree - if it is one/two sentences, it certainly does not hurt, and it helps. We know the VDP is the *best* form of conversion, and the customers - with spending an average of 4-5 minutes - on the site are seeing the comments. 

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