Custom Window Stickers - Ideas & Examples

Adam Brumfield
Hi DS Community! We are looking to re-design our window stickers and I thought this would be a good opportunity to reach out to the community to see if there are any others that have designed a custom window sticker in the past. Are any of you willing to share examples of what you are currently using? We do use the KBB Sticker /w QR Code through vAuto for one of our stores. I love the information this sticker provides, but feel like we could be promoting Value Points of the Dealership & Services Offered better. Any insight on what you feel is important or helps to put a customer over the top? We understand that the majority of customers use the window sticker for generic information (Year, Make, Trim, VIN) & then go straight to the price. We're hoping that we can add additional value to the sticker. Any thoughts, ideas, or examples would be greatly appreciate. Thanks in advance!
Grant Gooley
QR codes are a waste of real estate IMO. For a few reasons: 1. They are ugly... 2. Nobody seems to use them. (Unless anyone else has positive data proving different) 3. They take up a lot of space that could be used for other strong Call to actions. Check out "QR Codes Kill Kittens" - Scott Stratten:
Carl Maeda
QR Codes needs a strong call-to-action, especially if the consumer doesn't have a QR code app, the call-to-action on the code needs to be rewarding enough that the consumer will install the app and scan it. If you just slap a QR code on a window sticker, a lot less people will scan it. But if you have a good call-to-action such as "Check for factory incentives" or even just "Scan for vehicle brochure", you can probably get a lot more scans. And the information provided can help sell the car. It can even help the sales person sell the car, especially if its' a used car.
Jesse Peterson
You are probably already doing this but just in case you're not, we print ours through HomeNet with KBB values. We also print the vehicle comments on the sticker. Some have the comments they generate for you if you can't think of anything nice to say about the car, but for the most part the comments are real personalized highlighting the important features of the car-moonroof, nav, heated/cooled seats, etc etc. but also things like 1 owner, local trade-in, brand new tires, applicable dealer warranties or programs. Stuff that the decoder doesn't necessarily catch. I think it is a nice alignment of what they see online and on the lot. That's the only thing I can think of above and beyond the standard stuff
Dorsey West
We display a simple alternative next to the QR codes, which is a toll free number that potential car buyers can call from their mobile phones & enter a numeric code on their keypad in order to receive a text message with vehicle information, including a link to the dealer web page. Our data shows, that 8 out of 10 people will call the toll free number, probably due to ease of use, as opposed to scanning the QR Code to get vehicle information on demand. I believe that offering both options is good, because some car buyers do actually use QR Codes and you don't won't to exclude any potential lead sources.
Adam Brumfield
Thanks for all the insight and advice! We understand the QR codes aren't used nearly as much as we would like them. The biggest benefit of the QR Codes for our dealership is having them linking to a page that provides great information for our Sales Staff. As you all know, often times we take in a vehicle that some of our staff may be unfamiliar with. This provides a 1 stop resource for the sales staff to see Vehicle Awards, KBB Data & Ratings, Comparable market pricing (HUGE PLUS), AutoCheck Reports, and much more. This helps prepare the salesmen with great talking points during a demo drive. @Dorsey - I love your idea of using a toll free number to call. Could you share with me how you are accomplishing this? As far as I know none of our current vendors provide this functionality but I would love to see what options are out there. Anyone out there willing to share examples of the design(s) you're using? Have any of you used a custom design other than the traditional KBB, or similar, design that highlights the 3rd party company more than the dealership? If so, would you say these performed better, worse, or similar to the standard sticker? Thanks again in advance for any insight or examples.

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