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Grant Gooley
Regarding Internet Leads; How many days do you follow up with your customers if you don't hear back from them? Do you use templates? In your first response, is there anything you do to help with a higher response rate?
Christopher Murray
Grant, I have had very good results with the following formula: 1) Phone message ASAP 2) Simultaneous email to "establish a connection" 3) Email before close of business informing od follow up call 4) Phone Call with message 5) One email and one phone call, alternating every other day for the remainder of 30 days. We have sold more up front, contacted more over 30 days and overall have had our best results with that formula.
mark rask
We use a few templates......aggressive follow up for the first two weeks......scaling back for the next six months.
Grant Gooley
So it seems as though the first 30 days are the most important. Does anyone find they convert after the 30 day mark? We've been educated recently that the new internet shopper is on the hunt for longer periods of time... What do you think the average is?
Christopher Murray
Yes, we see conversions throughout any timeline. 45 days, 60 days, 90 days, etc... It is the intensity that we are "tweaking" to ensure we are not missing anyone.
Shannon Hammons
Yes conversion can happen lots later than 30 days. However, its' fine with me if the other dealers give up at 30 days. That will just leave for fish in the pond for us.. lol

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