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John  Toll
  • How do you get Customer Reviews & Testimonals?

I have always found this process to be kind of hard does everyone just do this manually? 

Chris K Leslie

Before we had to have the GM mandated reputation management program. I had things set up to automatically send an email to customers post sale and closed RO. In the email I thanked them for their business and asked if they had a good experience if they wouldn't;t mind leaving us a review on the selected platforms. Yelp, G+ and 

I have created an email that directs them to my Dealer Rater page for a review that I send out post sale. I'm thinking about stealing Christopher L. Johnson's idea of video testimonials post sale/delivery to have on my Facebook Fan page!! Love them!


We use Podium, a mobile app.

Michael Liggins

From my experience if the client is satisfied with the experience at your dealership they will most likely not care to go out of their way to post a review.  The once who are dissatisfied will find every site possible to post negative feedback. I would recommend incentivizing reviews & testimonials with something like a free carwash or a tank of gas.  Also keep in mind that customers are most likely to post a review while they are still “hot” on the purchase. Send them a text the very next day with a link to a site where you want them to leave a review, if you make it too complicated no one is going to spend their time trying to figure it out. Hope this helps.

Gary Despalt

We've been using social media platforms to allow customers different channels where they can send out reviews and testimonials, post purchase. This strategy mostly works for our clients who are in their late 20's and early 40's. After making a sale, we automatically send out an email and an SMS notification informing them of the process of leaving a review.

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