Dealer Principal Video

Derrick Woolfson

Has your Dealer Principal done a video offering your customers what you have and will do to assist them? I have seen a lot of emails and social media posts, BUT sometimes a video can better assist in delivering the sincerity in the message. 

Marc Lavoie

I think this is brilliant whether in a crisis or not.

I love what Rob Ruth (Bob Ruth Ford) is doing these days, adressing questions & posting daily updates.

Bart Wilson

@Marc, can you share a link or two with us?  I'd love to see some examples.

Morgan Hardy

Ours sent an email to employees and we did a social media post but no videos. I think it's a good idea!

Paul Jones

Because things were evolving so rapidly and new local restrictions changed from day to day, our dealer principle created a video explaining the companies priorities for safety of employees and customers, reassuring customers that we we would be there for them if they needed us, and pointing them to our website where the most recent information & updates could be found. By not creating a detailed explanation, we kept the video "evergreen" in a way which underlines our companies brand values and made it something we haven't needed to pull down at some point to prevent misinformation-- which is especially relevant in social media where you don't want to pull down a popular and widely shared video just because to put too many specifics into it.

Morgan Hardy

@Paul - that's a great idea. I have not seen nearly as many videos as I thought I would from dealers regarding how they're handling things currently. 

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