Dealer Rater "Dealer of the Year"

Joseph Hobbs
Besides me, does anyone else have an issue on how Dealer Rater picks their "Dealer of the Year"? I was shocked to find that we did not win because a dealer had more quantity of reviews (17) then we did. I was told that is why we lost. We did have the same score 4.87. The winning dealer is a much larger dealer so we did have a better percentage of reviews per deals & ro's. The winning dealer did not respond to most of their reviews we are at 100%! Responding to reviews is the most important part of review sites. I think Dealer Rater has lost that concept. How does everyone else feel?
Clint Jones
It sounds like you are part of an exceptional organization and you guys do a great job! I do not have any type of relationship with Dealer Rater, so I can't speak to the specifics of their Dealer of the Year program. I can tell you that we do not respond to reviews. I feel that the responses on positive reviews end up looking a little "staged". We do often respond to Facebook comments, but that is it.
Roger Conant
I don't pay attention to any best dealer "ratings" put forth by "any" vendor....including Automotive News!
Clint Jones
@Roger Conant, very well said! Our local newspaper does a "Best Of" contest every year. It isn't which local businesses are the "best". It is more like: Who are our "best" customers! Thanks for the laugh!
Mike Jeffs
@Roger @Clint I'm curious why you don't pay attention to any best dealer "ratings"? Is there not enough transparency? Do you feel like they aren't valid?
Clint Jones
I believe that when a VENDOR picks the "best", there is just too much conflict. Hell, even the guy that started this thread thinks it was a BS deal.

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