Chris K Leslie

How many of you guys are using Dealer Rater? 

Is keeping it updated with leaving and new sales people a problem? 

Curt Campeau

I left retail a year ago and I'd say we stopped updating dealer rater around 2014/2015. Customers don't look at it, the only reviews that really matter are Google. 

Derrick Woolfson

@Chris, in my last auto group we have close to 1,600 reviews on DR. And it was (and still is) very valuable. Google is VERY important, BUT you have to have a Gmail account to write a review. Not everyone has that. Not to mention, on DR you can associate the review with a sales consultant. Not sure why Google would not partner w/ DR so the reviews would also then be displayed on Google. Just my thoughts. 

Bart Wilson

I think one way to leverage DealerRater is marketing it.  I agree with Curt where most people will go with Google, but is that because of their exposure?  Anyone marketing DealerRater for reputation?

Curt Campeau

Ideally you want a huge number of great reviews on every forum. The number of total reviews is almost as important as the overall rating. One way to accomplish additional reviews is with Podium, that will allow you to send a text to customers (SD or Variable) and they can choose where to leave the review within the link in the text (Google, Yelp, DR, Facebook, etc...). I have used them in the past and worked out very well. 

Derrick Woolfson

@Bart, they use DR in their email campaigns, and for general branding - they even have the banner for "dealer of the year" in the showroom for a visual reminder. It has worked very well. I do know, however, that Google is using review count/rating for search visibility. So as others have said, it is ideal to have *more* Google reviews. 

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