Dealer’s Expectations

Dealer Apex
What should dealers expect from their web provider?
Chris K Leslie
Cookies and cakes. Maybe lunches every other Thursday. Oh and a pinball machine.
mark rask
support support support....also transparency
Parker Lukjanovs
I agree with Mark Rask, Support is key along with transparency. The bigger a company gets the lack of person attention we the dealers get. eCarlist and are great examples of this. DealerTrack buying out both of these companies plays a key role in this. I've stuck with companies that I pay MORE for because of the sense or urgency and personal attention that I get. Personal relationships in our industry are vital to success.
Lauren Moses
I'm with Chris, Food is always good. But more importantly than the food, service. Dealers pay good money to have nice websites and they want to see results. If something isn't working offer to work with them to make it better. If you can send reps out to see their dealers then do it. Parker is right, Personal relationships are key. I would much rather spend money with a company that I feel I have come to know (and not just one person with the company), than with someone who I just email over what I need and talk to once a month or so.
Jason Stum
@Dealer Apex, I'd love to answer your question but could you provide some more context? Which of these points would be the most useful to you to get a better understanding of? - The web platform - Innovative technologies - Support - Integration with 3rd party apps - Relationships & food

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