Dealership Blogs. Do you or don't you?

Lauren Moses
Dealership wise, who here uses blogs to help boost their website traffic? What are some topics that you write about and how often?
Skutch Henks
We have some dealership blogs as they were the rage many years ago. Most of our blogs now are grudgingly updated, but I would expect most of these timely efforts will be transitioned into social media and general content creation in the near future. After looking over the traffic generated from these blogs and other social media efforts, shoppers are disinterested in anything dealerships have to say UNLESS, they're looking for a vehicle to purchase, or a value add like Service coupon or other special offer related to a vehicle. Another way to look at it from the perspective of a longtime very wise GM I've been chatting with is; the only thing that really drives your business is your vehicle inventory, and that's all people care about. So true.
Bill Simmons
You might reach out to Jason Stum here to get some ideas. He gave an excellent presentation at DrivingSales on blogging. He recently published a blog post with a ton of excellent ideas on how to get started including topics that you could blog about. Here is the link to the article: Another idea that I have used is for the managers in all departments to make a list of the top ten questions that they are asked by customers on a daily/monthly basis. Use that list to create excellent "how to" blog posts to answer your customers questions.
Dan Ferguson
I would suggest tying your onsite dealer blog to SEO Keyword research. Find out what are the high volume/high converting keywords in your market for your brand, and focus your content there.
Lauren Moses
Thanks everyone for the thoughts. I know that there is a lot that goes into blogs. What is the point if they aren't good posts? Not 100% sure that I am even going to attempt one since I don't know that I could keep up steady posts and don't want it to be hit and miss on when I post. Just thinking and tossing around ideas.
Jeff Revilla
I don't think any shoppers want to read an auto dealers blog and none are actively seeking or searching for dealer content, but you can use your blog as a safe haven between your website and your social accounts. Our current strategy is to use our blogs as a hub for Facebook retargeting and email marketing. Using these two methods you can develop very specific reasons to send a visitor back into your network. For example, lets say you create a post about one of your models winning an award. If you are retargeting FB visitors who viewed that vehicle, you could serve up an image and article about this vehicle in their news stream. It is highly relevant to them since they were just shopping for that vehicle. The fb post links back to your blog, which then links back to your inventory or special offers. The same strategy goes for your email marketing program. If you've lost touch with a customer or even while you are in communication with them, you could create a campaign that comes from their salesperson to just let them know about this new award. Topics we tend to blog about: Awards and Accolades as they relate to our local market In-store Events Charity/Community Involvement New Model Releases Limited Editions Current Offers Re-purpose OEM Press Releases I don't think you can look at blogs the same way you did in 2007, but I think they have a tremendous place in your marketing strategy in 2014.

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