Dealership Landing Pages

Shawn Ryder
Landing Page are a great way to target customers with a data driven offer for older model vehicles and service oriented offers How many dealers are currently using Landing Pages on a regular basis? Are they being used for Service offerings / savings or sales focused?
Grant Gooley
Landing pages are THE way to convert on so many levels. We use landing pages for a large portion of our AdWords initiatives. We also create content on a regular basis for organic search. Developing landing pages with rich content, video and images keeps your audience interested. It's always important to have strong CTA's (call to actions) on every page. Always remembering that the whole point is to convert a form-fill or phone call! Great question Shawn!
Sean Welsh
Shawn we have a few dealers using them for both sales and service. The trick is to make it as impact full as possible, almost more then their your own site. I say that because otherwise why not just drop them on the site for more relevancy on that url. That siad ones that convert are the ones that are visually appealing with a great reason to engage. I find service has better conversion when tied to a ppc or re marketing campaign with great offers. Also service tends to be less expensive for key terms on ppc so we see more dealers going that way. Hope it helps Thanks Sean
Chris K Leslie
I use for our landing pages. Variations are easy to do and their reporting is solid.
mark rask
we always use landing pages
mark rask
we build tons of them!

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