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Steve Devereaux
Does anyone have any creative ideas of how to encourage customers to go online and write reviews about their dealership experience? Also, what are the most popular dealership review sites? I know Edmunds and are big ones, does anyone know of any other ones?
Tracy Myers
Steve, We work really hard at getting reviews from our Guests and it's more difficult than we though it would be. We have discovered that the positive review process has got to be instilled in your Guest at the time of delivery, they need a reminder at the first "thank you" call and then a constant reminder in all email/snail mail follow-up. We even offer a $5.00 gas card incentive for any review...not just a positive one. As far as review sites, we try and mix it up. CitySearch, CarDealerCheck, DealerRater and Google Reviews are just a few that we use. Hope this helps out. Tracy Myers Frank Myers Auto Maxx
Dave Erickson
Yahoo user reviews I've noticed also get noticed. They are easy for people to create. Don't seem to get filtered out and add to your google review count. I used to work at a dealer well over a year ago and would always ask my happy customers to post reviews on Yahoo. Even though I don't work at Hollywood anymore people still find me at my current dealership a few miles away because of those reviews. Check it out. Interesting all reviews slowed and then came to a stop. I don't think it's because they suddenly suck but because no one is ASKING people to complete a review.
Steve Devereaux
Hmmm... there's a lot of bad reviews on that yahoo account. Do you thin encouraging customers to write reviews is a good thing?? We have a good reputation, but nobody writes reviews for us online. I'm scared this is just going to give the few customers that are unhappy about something a chance to go on there and ruin our reputation. What do you guys think?

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