Dealership Review Sites

Eric Miltsch
Steve, Plenty of studies have shown that, besides the obvious with G+ local pages, the other sites providing the most value, and influence, for shoppers are:, Edmunds & Yelp. Here's a link to one recent study by Digital AirStrike:
Jared Hamilton
Id focus on G+ and I personally think it was brilliant for to add the review platform to their marketplace. Think about it, you have one of the largest used car markets on the planet and now they added a way for consumers to navigate the shopping experience not just by inventory, but by dealer reputation. For me, the key is that owns and controls their review platform, (lets face it, lots of review sites are crap and does what is needed to keep their reviews quality). Its a huge win for customers to find better dealers and a huge win for the best dealers to stands out. If focus on G+ and (if you are looking for marketing value of your reviews, needs to be included in your process too)
Ryan Leslie
Thanks for the mention Jared. Collecting is important, but marketing your collection is what makes the content truly valuable. Great question Steve! The best bet is to put on your "customer hat" and search for your dealership. It is even better if you can find a neighbor or relative to let you watch over their shoulder and ask them to search for you too. You never want to have all of your eggs in a single basket, but you probably don't want to be putting your eggs in a basket that isn't visible to your customers in search either. Develop a strategy to impact the sites that are ALREADY in SERP1 for common searches of your name and your name plus ratings or reviews. PS. I wouldn't make your decision based on a study of only 275 folks that purchased up to 6 months prior to the questionnaire. ZMOT tells us that consumers visit 18 sites in automotive in the research phase and their recall of where they've actually been on the web within minutes is questionable, within 6 months it's suspect. Did you buy a tech gadget for Christmas and read reviews from other consumers? If asked where you researched how many of the niche sites could you remember by name? I'm not picking on DAS, but you have the ability to run your own "influence" study from your desk by searching for your business the way YOUR prospects are searching for you, and I think that will be much more useful to you. I searched for "Devereaux Chevrolet" and your DealerRater page indexes in position 2 SERP1, but may need some cleanup. Please feel free to reach out if I can help you in any way.
Eric Miltsch
Ryan - great point on the study. The dealership review "portfolio" is an important investment and should be well balanced and diversified.
Andy Lawhon
On average how many review sites are being looked at before a customer inquires to a store or locates a place where they may do business?? I notice in Ryan's post that ZMOT said the average buyer will visit 18 websites before they purchase. We have been told and are the two that you want to have the biggest impact on. What are your thoughs on this??

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