Dealership Social Media Standards

Shawn Ryder
Does your dealership have any documented Social Media Standards? We all know that customers and sales staff can build rapport - if they connect is it appropriate? If staff are posting things that may be questionable that may reflect on the dealership image - is it something that should be mentioned to them? Also, what if a dealer lets somebody go and in turn that individual posts on pages of co-workers / managers? What is the best way to handle these situations?
Jason Stum
Hey Shawn, at my last group we had a Social Media Policy that everyone had to sign. I'll see if I can turn up a copy of it for reference. It pretty much covered all the bases from an acceptable use of social media standpoint. As far as the scenario with a former employee targeting company employees on social media, I'd assume one would go through the usual harassment processes that exist on Facebook, Twitter, etc and take it from there.
Shawn Ryder
Jason - thanks much for the great reply, if you have a copy that we can reference that would be great - be great to see some ideas!
Jason Stum

Bad news Shawn. I combed through terrabytes upon terrabytes of hard drive and cloud storage space, but was unable to find the social media policy that I used. 

The good news is that I didn't create it from scratch, I simply downloaded a template from some website somewhere and tweaked it to suit our automotive group's needs. From there we sent it to our legal team who to look over gave it their seal of approval for use.

If I turn up the link to that template, I'll send it your way!

mark rask

Jason we need that as well. We dont really have a policy in place

Anne Shaneen

I was reading a case study on Harvard Business Review about social media policies for employees and was pleasantly surprised to see the case study was about an employee at a car dealership. 

I found it particularly interesting that most dealerships and, well, companies in general, don't have policies around their employees use of social media. This seemed like a particularly sticky situation and is definitely worth a read to understand how social media fits into your business as well as your coworkers and those you manage. 

Check it out here:



I've also read lots of diatribe on the power of employee advocacy programs and how those can be almost more effective than general brand advocacy efforts. 

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