Dealerships not being given access to AdWords account?

Mark Hoffman

I'm curious how many dealers have been refused access to an AdWords account from their agency? What are the reasons that you're given? What is your dealership's policy on this?

I strongly believe that a dealership should not only have full access to the AdWords account being used for their PPC, but that they should own the AdWords account itself and simply give the agency access to it. I've recently run into a few scenarios where an agency would not give my dealer's access to the AdWords account, claiming that it would reveal their "secret sauce" to a successful PPC campaign. I'm a firm believer that reputable vendors should value transparency as much as the dealer, and I'm a bit puzzled why any dealers would accept such an arrangement. 

For any agencies here; do you provide dealers access to Adwords? If not, what is the reason?

Tori Zinger

I've read in several industry articles about digital marketing that if you're looking to partner with a vendor agency to handle your digital marketing, one thing you should be sure of is that you, as the dealer, retain all ownership and access to all accounts.

I wonder if any marketing vendors can share the other side of the story with us -- i.e., what would the reasons be for not allowing clients to have access to this type of thing?

john fontanini

I run my own - I am on the phone with google a few hours a month learning new things. I believe if you can't monitor what they are doing, how do you know they are not kinking you ? 

Nick Shotts

This is common but it's complete BS. The secret that these companies are hiding is that they're providing you with garbage service and PPC ads that are designed to generate unqualified but plentiful garbage traffic.

One of my clients (I'm a web provider), a Honda dealership does not have access to their AdWords account because their provider won't allow them access. Fortunately the account is linked through Google Analytics. I've been developing reports for them recently using Data Studio and I've been finding some lovely gems from their PPC provider like them bidding on Honda Lawnmowers (they're a Honda store).

It's a great way to generate garbage traffic. You ought to find a better provider if they won't grant you access.

Paul Rushing

We have always used MCC now manager accounts. The dealership sets up an account with their own billing and they give us access. It's my business to help their business not cannibalize it.

Tori Zinger

Nick - wow - lawnmowers? That's ridiculous... I'm sure your client appreciates the extra work you've been doing to help them out with this issue. 

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