Dealing with e-mail campaign pushback

James Altemus
We have been using for a few months now, and after a false start (we didn't initially give them access to our DMS, which greatly diminished their effectiveness) we've been getting good results and our online presence has improved. The messaging we've been using is rather innocuous, and overall the response has been overwhelming positive. However, there seems to be a certain segment of our customer base that always complains about any communication they receive from us or our manufacturers. Instead of using the opt-out function that is at the bottom of any CAN-SPAM compliant e-mail, they reply to complain, or better yet call in to share their dissatisfaction. I understand you're always going to get a certain amount of this from any mass communication. But at what point do I need to look at the messaging?
mark rask
We try to limit the amount of times that we e mail a customer
James Altemus
As do we, partially because our CRM isn't particularly good at campaigns (certainly not at tracking them) and partially because we are very cognizant of list fatigue. But even with limited mass communication we get complaints.
Michael Roemer
With our email communications, I do my best to stay on top of those select few who reply and manually unsubscribe them if that's what they want. Unfortunately it's not possible to identify those folks before they complain.
James Altemus
That is what I do. I'm just wondering out loud at what point its the recipient and at what point it is message.
Steve Tuschen
Put it back on them, tell them you value there feedback and ask them what they don't like, what they would like to see, offer them a 10 dollar gift certificate to the dealership for providing there valueable feedback. Maybe a common theme comes out or something you haven't thought of. If nothing else they will feel validated and maybe you will gather something that will help you improve the communication.

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