Dealix for leads?

John Roberts
I was considering getting leads from Dealix. Any experience with them? How would you rate them in regards to quality of leads?
Jim Bell
I have had good success with Dealix. I think it comes down to market when it comes to 3rd party leads. I know that I what my success with different providers may not be success for you. I have had bad luck with some providers, but other dealers will swear by them. Try it out and if the ROI is there, keep them. If not, then dump them. The nice thing is there is no long term contract and they are very flexible with the lead returning.
Chris Costner
I am using them too John and things are going well with them. Here is a link from the DrivingSales Vendor Ratings section showing many other opinions as well: Have a strong close.
Craig Waikem
They work well in NorthEast Ohio
John Roberts
How would you compare Dealix to Auto USA for lead quality?
Bryan Armstrong
As most know, I'm not a fan of 3rd Party leads. That being said I've had the best success in the past with Dealix. To really utilize them best, select leads that are ONLY from the 15-25 mile "ring". You are probably capturing the majority of those w/in your immediate circle (out to 15 Miles depending on your Market). Therefore that second ring may bring in the conquest leads you otherwise may miss. Keep in mind that in order to get those people to drive past 3 other Dealers to get to you, you MUST build and respond with a Value proposition that is more than just PRICE oriented or they'll just print your quote and take it to the closer Dealer. Think "Transparency" and "Reputation" in your responses.

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