Destination Dealership

Asif Premji
Hi folks. We're a destination dealership, a short drive from local market...approximately 10 minutes. 90% of our clients drive from the metro city to us for a better deal. Closest same brand dealership is 10 minutes away. My question is: because price seems to be the motivating factor for most of our clients to visit our dealership, how can we create a compelling reason for clients to even consider our dealership without advertising price. We seem to create a valuable & comfortable experience when they enter the store...question is, what compelling reason can we provide clients, from a marketing standpoint, to consider us. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Kristy Elliott
All I know is that I would drive more than 10 minutes to your dealership!! ;o) Seriously, we are redoing our website and some suggestions we have gotten are to add lots more to the "about us" section to sell our brand just as much as we are selling cars. Some examples are: your dealerships mission, vision & values; community activities; blog posts; and bios on management and staff. Just some thoughts, my friend! Let me know what you find out! You are always ahead of the game!
Rebecca Banner
I just had to fly to Ft Lauderdale from Myrtle beach to save $3000 on a used MX5. I have learned traveling to purchase vehicles is a necessity Especially Toyotas...The Moran Family owning SET is not my favorite place to buy a Toyota from. They don't even offer a Genuine Toyota Care ESP.. Greedy people.
Carl Maeda
I see you're a Honda dealership. That's tough since you can't advertise below MSRP. My suggestion is: Let the people brag about their deals on Google+, Yelp, Facebook, etc. Let them know that those actions are very appreciated. I have seen Sonic dealers advertise "Get Your True Price": That hints at the fact that there is a lower price. Always make sure your incentives are promptly visible too. I hope that helps. -Carl
Asif Premji
Thank you Kristy. I have been seriously considering changing web providers but before that, I agree with you, that content is king. Thank you for your compliments. They are much appreciated. See you soon!
Jason Stum
My 2 cents @Asif is that all dealerships are the same, except for the people. We all have the same vehicles, the same pricing, the same incentives, the same mediocre get the point. What's different then? The people! So whatever it is you do when it comes to content and marketing your dealership just remember it's your people and your customer experience that can make your destination stand out from the crowd.

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