Did You Attend DSES? Thoughts about Startup Alley?

Adam Ross
How many of you attended DSES in Las Vegas? Did you visit Startup Alley? If so, how many of the 16 companies did you check out? What did you think of: 1) the products and services presented in Startup Alley? 2) the placement of the booths in Startup Alley? Did you think you had enough time to check out all of the booths in the exhibitor space that you wanted to see?
Larry Schlagheck
Adam, I'll let others respond to your questions (and thanks for posting!), but it was great having you with us and a pleasure to finally meet you.
Brady Ferron
Adam! Great to meet you! From the perspective of one of the companies in Start Up Alley (Simpler), I appreciated the discounted price and the ability to discuss our product with a good number of dealers. If I add up the cost of visiting with the number of people we spoke with - the cost is easily justified. Getting to meet up with other start ups was encouraging too. Would do it again in a second!
Christopher Scott Herman
I did attend DSES and thought was by far the best digital marketing conference I has been to in years (including previous DSES conferences).
Paul Schnell
I thought Startup Alley was a great addition this year. I checked out half of them and have a couple follow-ups scheduled. I will say that I first went to the ones who messaged me through the DSES app. All-in-all DSES was fantastic again. Filled out lots of individual session feedback so I'll leave that there. The Sunday noon to Tuesday noon schedule was perfect. I hate going to conferences that say they start on Sunday and then it's a 20-minute keynote and "cocktail hour" held, of course, in the vendor arena. The overall focus of the event was spot-on with lots of CX [drink] and UX [drink] info. 9.5 out of 10.
Dustin Lyons
I definitely spent some time in start up alley. The app was an awesome idea, I just wish that my app login was working prior to monday afternoon at 4pm, I would have loved to set up a few more appointments. It was great for us though, we didn't get a ton of traffic back there in start up alley, but the ones who did come and talk with us were all very excited and very interested in our product. Quality over quantity was definitely the phrase of the day, and we will be helping some awesome dealers take their online game to the next level and make quite a bit more money. Overall I would have loved to see more people back there, but I am happy with the opportunity and happy with the connections that I was able to make. It was also very good to be able to meet those who post frequently on here in person.

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