Difference Between LotLinx and Auto Audience Network?

Travis Scheaffer

Hi, just a general question about two products that I have found to be similar... I am a big fan of LotLinx, and have 3 dealerships using them. 2 of the 3 see great results month after month - 1 of the 3 does pretty good, but not lighting the world on fire. My franchise store does exceptionally well - so, to say I am a believer in LotLinx would be very true!

Over the last year, I have been looking at Speed Shift Media's AAN technology, and it seems to be similar to what LotLinx does (aside from LotLinx seeming to have a larger suite of campaigns to employ their product on - FB Blast, Mobile, Lead Ads, etc.)... I took a demo with Speed Shift, and I am intriguied by the AAN, but not completely sure what they could do vs. LotLinx.

I am not looking to replace one with the other, but merely looking to see if AAN would work cohesively with LL, and reach customers I am neglecting.

Anyone that is using or used AAN I'd like to hear your thoughts. I am really just looking to employ AAN at our pre-owned only store that  houses 150-180 vehicles on avg.



Dealer Guy

I saw the DEMO and was impressed with the delivery and advertisers, but the cost per VDP is what is holding me back. My target cost per VDP is no more than $2.50 or less ,  and someone will get there.

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