Digital Dealer 19

Stephenie Olson
DD 19 is just around the corner- what sessions & seminars are you especially interested in? What takeaways are you looking for?
Stephenie Olson
Wow! I imagine you're not seeing a significant return if your looking to change? Are you looking for alternative 3rd party sites to replace Autotrader and Cars?
Karen Ann
Chris, several BC New Car Dealers invested in building/programming/advertising as an AutoTrader functioned excellently and was a great site, it just never took off.
Lindsay Kwaselow
For dealers looking to dominate the digital space in other ways than on third party listing sites, I recommend the keynote panel session "Digital Decoded: A Smarter Approach to Digital in 2016" -- this will feature some of the most progressive dealer groups around the country and top execs from Google and Facebook. Thats Monday October 5th at 5:10-6:00 pm. I'd also recommend "Overcoming Automotive Advertising’s Greatest Deficiencies" Monday at 10 AM -- I've actually seen some of the content for this session and truly believe it will greatly help dealerships increase their SEM spend efficiency.
Evan Brown
@Chris I wonder what would happen if you invested that kind of cash into your website/ digital strategy.. I'm sure you would see more return. The dealership I used to work for finally decided to ditch trader and we reallocated the money to a better site and a smart digital strategy. I think Lindsay is right though if you are trying to do things outside of third party sites then attend the Digital Decoded session.
Michael Roemer
Anyone looking for some actionable tips to get more out of your digital strategy should check out "Bridging the Online Experience Between Car Shoppers and Dealers" at 9am on Monday the 5th. There's some great content in this talk.

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