Digital Marketing

Kaylee Pendergrass

How are you currently leveraging videos online?

Marc @ Autobahn Academy

Video as an intro by a Salesperson / BDC  are underutilized weapons! 

Don Willimont

So video introductions I understand to humanize the exchange. Video walkarounds were a great tool but they have been around for about 12 years now. Video content through our Facebook platform has generated engagement with our customers but only when it is not overtly sales related. We have tried to put some personality behind the video content we have been doing of late and make it lighter, even if it is transactional. We produced a few videos we did like many other stores to showcase our dealership and our staff but I am not sure that we did a great job in connecting guests to our websites to those segments.

Don Willimont

I am curious if anyone has found a different kind of content or approach with videos to increase engagement. Is a successful video just one that gets viewed or one that creates a lead?


Kaylee Pendergrass

I very much have Don! Our company has a video platform that actually goes into your competitors markets and has you showing up more in video and drives those customers to your dealership! It's quite amazing actually. 

Mark Rask

video is king

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